Simple pricing. Billed hourly.


The details.

Can I see metrics usage?
Yes, on all plans you are able to see requests, response times, and memory usage in the dashboard.
If I only scale up for a couple of hours, will I be charged for the whole month?
No, our prices are calculated per hour, so if you scale for 2 hours, you will only pay for 2 hours.
Do I need a database server for each project?
If you purchase a dedicated server, you can create unlimited databases for all of your projects. Shared servers are billed per database.
Can I use my own domain?
Yes, you can easy attach your own domain and SSL certificate to your application. If you don't have an SSL certificate, but still want HTTPS, you can easily attach a free Let's Encrypt certificate from the Toolbox.
What payment options do you support?
You can add credits to your account from the dashboard. We support the most common creditcards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.)
Can I setup recurring payments?
Yes. When you add credits to your account, you will have the option to enable auto-refill. If enabled, you choose a minimum balance and an amount of credits to add. Whenever your account balance drops below the minimum, the amount of credits specified will be added to your account.